Spread the Love with some COLOR.

I have to be honest here. I love colored jeans. Green, Blue and my favorite, Red. If you’re like me, jeans are a part of your everyday wardrobe. Jeans with T-shirts, cardigans, tank-tops and blouses. Why not spice it up with some color? I like keeping it simple…colored jeans with an either black or white top. But some of you out there are a little more bold than I am, and I so highly respect that. I do make sure, though, that I add a nice piece of jewelry or some matching accessories. Us sisters decided to match our nail polish. We’re nerds, we know!

Danielle (My sister below) is wearing her Lady Gaga wedges with a pair of blue colored jeans, a plain black tank-top, and a big, black chunky necklace. I, on the other hand, decided to wear my red jeans, with a white tank-top, a black blazer (always a good choice) and my Steve Madden wedges. Danielle likes to keep it modern, while I like to keep it tailored and authentic.

Sisters in Color

You want to get the best jeans for your money. Well, let me tell you something; I bought my beautiful and bright red jeans you see in this picture from Target. Yes, Target. For $22. They come in blue, red, green, orange and purple. Danielle spent a little more and bought them at *Delias, on a “buy one get on” promotion. Still, it was worth it.

Remember who you are, find your style, and rock it.

Invest in a pair of colored jeans and Spread the Love with some COLOR.