It’s Been a Good Day

Hello all!

Its been a while, we know, but we’re back! It’s been hectic and busy around the 103 Apartment. What with work, school and internship/extracurricular activities, I don’t think Lisa and I have had any time to ourselves. We finally took that time today. So far, so awesome.

I woke up today, about to skip my first class this morning, but then remembered I had a new pair of awesome pants I had to wear. Ever since I made the purchase at Forever21 the other day, I have literally been counting down the days when I get to wear them. You know, you get excited and then realize you have to wear this new item of clothing on the absolute perfect day. The past two days it rained, so no way was I going to wear them then. But, the weather forecast from my IPhone said it was going to be sunny. Perfect.

After my two classes this morning, I text Lisa to see where she is. After a quick exchange of words, I agree to meet her in front of Classroom 1. I got there kind of early so I decided to call my sister. I lose track of time and find Lisa in the far corner of the building yelling out “Leo!” I look over and I am happily surprised by her outfit. Her white, tuxedo-inspired chiffon blouse is paired with black jeans and, of course, her black combat boots. Not to mention she woke up an hour early to straighten her hair. A complete look, I must say.

As we sit on our couch, relaxing before our six o’clock class, we watch How I Met Your Mother and Lisa decides to paint her nails. Lately, she’s been obsessed with nails, and I can’t blame her since everything she has showed me related to nail painting has been pretty creative. I tell her to go for it as I play with the effects of our pictures (if you couldn’t already tell by the pictures posted.)

An ombre! I love, of course. Especially those colors. This is her first time trying it so I know it can only get more interesting from here.

And then, out of no where, the boys come by the window. If you guys don’t know, “the boys” are our neighbors, and just happen to be the cutest people in the entire world. Just look at them-

We gossip, catch up, and make plans. It’s crazy that we met them in October at a Halloween party. Michael (posing with his “Zoolander” face on the right) was a Zookeeper while his beau, Danny, was a Panda. How adorable, right?! That night, they met their matches; Katy P., Snooki, and Lady Gaga. We’ve been together ever since.

It’s been a good day.

-Leonie & Lisa