There’s a lot going on in life. Let me document them and show you what I think.

I’m a student at the University of Central Florida, about to graduate in December with a BA in Advertising and Public Relations and a Certificate in Business and Professional Writing. I love to read, explore and be with my family and friends. The reading comes from my father, the exploring is the Gemini in me and being with my family and friends is just essential to any human being trying to get through life.

I haven’t traveled a lot, but my lord do I plan on doing so when the time is right and my wallet is full…whenever that may be.

I love fashion. Maybe not as a career, but definitely as a hobby. Don’t ask me what I want to do with my major because I honestly don’t know. But that’s what life is all about, right? Trial and error and figuring out whats best for you. All I know is I have to be patient and learn along the way.

(I have to keep repeating that to myself)

SO- Enjoy. Give me feedback. And most of all, learn to live, not exist.


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